Types of Rat Traps

Rats can be very annoying to get rid of. Once they infest your house, they will wreck your peace within minutes. It is extremely creepy to realize that there is an ugly rat hiding somewhere in the house for sure. But along with that, the fact that rats can spread life-threatening diseases makes it important to get rid of them as soon as possible. There are many different mechanisms that one can use to get rid of rats. The most effective mechanism is using rat or mouse traps.

Listed here are some of the most common & effective types of rat traps:

Snap trap
This is the first kind of rat trap that was invented and it remains popular to date. It has a simple snap mechanism and consists of a trigger and a spring device. Food – usually cheese – is placed on the trigger. The rat is attracted by the food and as soon as it touches the trap, the spring is released with a great amount of force. The bar hits the neck of the rat most of the time but it could also crush the spinal cord, skull or ribs. This type of rat trap is sometimes considered inhumane because it doesn’t guarantee the animal’s death. More often than not the rat suffers an excruciating death and no animal deserves that.

Mouth trap
The mouth (rat) trap came shortly after the prior and is similar to its older counterpart in quite a few ways. The mechanism is similar and the major difference is that this one consists of a jaw instead of the spring device. It works on the same principle
but the intensity is not the same.

Glue trap
These traps have an adhesive that is applied on a cardboard box. These traps can only be used indoors. This is not human because the mice die a very slow and painful death. Some rats even manage to escape but they lose a limb or their body parts
are damaged. This is why they are strongly opposed by animal welfare organizations like PETA.

Electronic trap
As the name suggests, this trap involves a current of electricity. The structure has been designed in such a way that electricity passes through two electrodes when a rat enters the ‘cage’. The rat dies in a matter of seconds and that is the reason why it is considered humane. You don’t need to worry about safety because the electrodes are engulfed in a plastic box and are deactivated when the box is opened.

Live trap
These traps don’t kill the animals and that is why they are considered to be among the best out there. There are many animal lovers who hate the idea of having to kill rats or mice. The rats are
caught live through these traps and can be released. It is very important to release the rats because leaving them trapped can lead to their death because of dehydration as well as stress.

Bucket trap
These rat traps can be lethal and non-lethal. The lethal ones involve a liquid in which the mouse drowns and dies. The killing agents may be poisonous chemicals or soap. The non-lethal bucket traps don’t have anything inside. The mouse can be caught alive and released later on.

These are some of the major types of mice traps. For more information on them, don’t hesitate to use google.com

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