Humane Mouse Traps

Mice and rats can sometimes invade our homes, eating our food and creating damage around the house as well as unsanitary conditions with their excrement. However for many people, killing the mouse is an inhumane option. If this is you, that desire to not kill the mice has probably brought you here looking for ways to trap a mouse with non-lethal means. There are numerous products out there for trapping  rats or mice with humane mouse traps, but rather than spending the money buying the traps why not make them yourself and save the money for something else? You can build non-lethal mouse traps easily with items from around your home that will effectively trap the mouse until you can remove it from the house. Below you will find the best ways to trap mice using humane mouse traps.

The Water Glass Method – This is an easy way how to trap a mouse using just a tall water glass (at least 6 inches tall), bait and a few books. Place the (empty) water glass in an area that the mouse is most frequently in and drop some bait inside. Beside the glass place a few books to allow the mouse to use to walk up to the top of the glass. The mouse will use the books and then jump into the glass to get the bait, but be unable to get out as the glass is too tall and has no traction for the mouse to use to climb out.

The Bucket Method – Similar to the water glass method, you want to place a bucket (at least 6 inches tall) near a stack of books or boxes so that the mouse can climb up them to get inside the bucket. Place some bait at the bottom of the bucket and wait. The mouse will be trapped in a humane and non-lethal way for you to place it outside at least a mile away.

The Cardboard Roll Method – Another way how to trap a mouse is the cardboard roll method. Using a cardboard roll (either a toilet paper one or a paper towel roll), create a flat edge on one side of the roll so that it can lay flat on a surface, but still have enough room for the mouse to crawl through. Place the roll precariously on the edge of a table or counter with a tall receptacle such as a plastic bin or a tub directly below the roll on the ground. Put a small dab of bait on the end of the roll that hangs over the receptacle and wait.

The Plastic Bottle Method – Yet another way how to trap a mouse is using a plastic bottle (preferably a two liter, but a smaller water bottle or soda bottle works as well), cut the top 1/3 of the bottle off and place bait such as peanut butter or another strong smelling food onto the bottom of the bottle, then invert the cut top into the remaining bottle. Place the plastic bottle by a taller object so that the mouse can use it to climb up to the top of the bottle and then crawl inside. Because of the height and steep walls of the bottle the mouse is trapped in a non-lethal way.

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