How To Kill a Rat

Rats are considered annoying for a very valid reason. They can wreck your life and make it hell. One rat sneaking into your house is enough to make you feel both disgusted and worried at the same time. Not only is the presence of a rat dreadful, it is also a cause of worry because rats can spread diseases that may become a serious threat to your family’s health. It is thus important for you to get rid of rats before they can breed and start spreading germs.

Here are the most effective ways to exterminate the rats and keep your house safe:

Snap Traps
This is probably the most common method used. It is not only reliable, fast and efficient but also humane. You can apply this method if the rat is hidden in the attic or any other safe location in your house. Snap traps work effectively in killing rats and barely ever fail. You only need to be careful about setting them right. For increased efficiency, make sure to use several traps spread around the house.

Rat Poison
Quite a large number of people tend to use poison but this is not a good idea at all. There are many reasons behind this statement. To start with the main one: not every rat will eat the poison you set in place for them. Even if they end up consuming the poison, there is no guarantee that they will die. Some rats are actually resistant to the poison and some others will become resistant in over the course of time. However if the poison does kill the rat, the rat is very likely to die in your attic or in some other hidden place, like inside a wall. This will make your house or attic smell horrible. Using poison is therefore not advisable at all.

Glue Boards
This is another bad idea. They don’t work most of the time and some rats can just walk over them leaving only some rat fur behind. The rats that do get glued usually die a very slow and painful death. This method is not humane at all and should not be employed because not even a rat should be put to an agonizing death.

Shooting them
This is not a very practical method but it is effective. When a rat intrudes into your living area, it can be extremely difficult to get rid of it. It will run around and hide under the couch or another place like that, hoping you can’t see it. After hiding, it tends to remain still. This is your perfect opportunity to shoot it (If you decide to use this method, we strongly recommend using an air rifle). The reason why you should do it is that you can’t catch hold of it when it is hidden. Firing at it will be your only chance out unless you want to wait for it to come within your reach again.

Other ways
Some other ways include electrocution, drowning, getting a cat, etc. However, all these are not as efficient as the ones we presented in more details.
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Well, there you have it: if in the beginning of this article you were wondering how to kill a rat, by now we really hope it’s clear. Bottom-line, using a snap-trap (or more) is the best solution for killing a rat at home. It is humane, effective and one hundred percent reliable, provided you set up the traps properly. Give it at try and don’t hesitate to come back and let us know how it went!

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  1. tom says:

    i have rats and i cant get rid of them we had rat peops out that didnt get the rats out and pousen there must be having babies because the hole week they have eat pousen

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